bucket list item #11: klaine singing lay all your love on me

imagine kurt taking his ring off for the peter pan performance and blaine puts it on his own finger during the show to look after it

and puts it back on kurt in the dressing room afterwards and kisses his hand like it’s back where it belongs

I reblogged story of my life last night but only just listened to it oh my goodness perfect perfect perfect! Chris and Darren’s voices are so beautiful together it is flawless

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okay for reals what time are we supposed to be getting cwm?

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i can’t even describe how just the thought of kurt and blaine not being a couple makes me feel

just know it is painful and horrible

wait wait wait


because let’s assume that picture isn’t old - like, it’s from the ep they’re currently filming. Which is post ep 4 possibly break up

And Blaine still has photos in his locker of Kurt

I don’t know whether to cry or hope

This VH1/Obama DC gif war is literally the best thing that has ever happened.

This VH1/Obama DC gif war is literally the best thing that has ever happened.

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these spoilers

just no

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don’t lie even though you’d read the script when blaine said ‘to kiss you whenever and wherever you want’ and then paused it was like the world stopped and you held your breath because¬†what if¬†and in that split second you hoped and flailed and imagined what it would be like and raged because if they had kissed and it hadn’t been in the ep heads would roll and then reminded yourself that no

and then everything carried on


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