I really want to post the Facebook page I made for Blaine but I also kind of want to make the part two I have planned first so I can do them together sigh fangirl problems

sometimes I wonder if you wonder
what it could have been like
when you’re sitting there drinking coffee
are you thinking of me
when it’s thundering and raining outside?

tmi + glee (2/2)

"I suppose it’s very advanced of you to have accepted my mortality so fatalistically - everything dies, blah blah - but how do you think that makes me feel?" Alec, CoFA

"It’s like New York is the only thing we talk about now, Kurt, and it’s like… it’s like you can’t even wait to get out of here. How’s that supposed to make me feel?" Blaine, DWS

tmi + glee (1/2)

"Which is especially unfair, because you are anything but trivial to me. I changed my whole life for you. But nothing ever changes for you, does it?" Alec, CoFA

"I transferred schools to be with you. I changed my whole life. That doesn’t make you feel loved?" Blaine, DWS