also: does fox/rib actually realise how much any small non-platonic klaine interaction would have affected the overall reception of these episodes and their resonance with the audience? because the answer is both a whole fucking lot, and hardly at all.

for the people who love klaine, the people who look up to klaine - it would mean everything if the boys were actually shown touching (i’m scared to mention kissing woah calm down) or, you know, as an obvious couple. we want them to be shown as equals, we want to get more than ‘special occasion’ kisses and longing glances. it gets pretty tiring for us to watch the straight couples kissing and touching more than is honestly necessary for the story to move along while you’d never guess kurt and blaine were together by watching 90% of this season’s episodes. a second of interaction equal to what we get from finn and rachel or even mike and tina would mean so much to these fans but the point i’m making is that outside of these fans who want this tiny tiny thing so badly, it really wouldn’t be such a big deal. the world is not going to end if kurt gives blaine a celebratory peck on the lips after they win a competition. hellfire will not rain down upon us all if they hold hands while they’re on an date at the mall. when their interactions are as few and far-between as they have been, it just feels like glee is completely afraid of letting them do anything at all, so much so that it’s noticeable. and they really shouldn’t be because, um, that’s ridiculous. in conclusion: fuck you glee, this makes no sense.